J&K Handbag Line


Jen & Kenra's is so excited to bring you our very own handbag line. Jen has put her heart and soul into this project. She designed each bag herself making sure to not overlook the smallest detail and made no two alike. Your handbag will be a ONE OF A KIND! One of Jen's favorite things about her handbag line is the actual lining on the inside.  She wanted to surprise her customers when they peeked inside their new fabulous bag for the first time. So she  has given each and every bag it's very own unique liner that will for sure put a smile on your face and make each bag that much more AMAZING. All of the bags are  made with the 100% real leather, real cowhide & the finest materials. Each bag comes with a dust cover bag to store your handbag in while not in use if you choose. Jen hopes her bags will travel the world and bring joy to so many wonderful ladies.

Enjoy & GOD Bless!!

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Jen & Kenra's Turquoise Pendleton Wool And Toasted Italian Crocodile Leather Fringe Handbag
Jen & Kenra's Embellished Steer Head On Italian Turquoise Crocodile Leather/Brindle Hide On Hair Handbag