About Jen & Kenra's


Jen & Kenra's is located in the heart of the midwest. Iowa is very peaceful &  beautiful and I'm proud to call it home. I'm truly blessed to be selling one of the top name brand of  boots on the market today. Corral Boots is an amazing company to work with. I take great pride in selecting each and every boot myself. I must admit my job is pretty cool. The excitement of being surrounded by a showroom full of boots and that smell of new leather. OMG  it makes my heart race!!! LOL  I love Corral Boots because you get an excellent quality pair of  boots for a very affordable price. Just so y'all know if you do not see a particular style/size on my site your looking for just call, text, email or message me  & I will be more than happy to get them for you.   
I reckon I should tell y'all about myself and who Kenra is. I'm Jen the owner and  Kenra was my shih tzu/daughter/business partner. Yes my husband Shane & I decided not to have children so our dogs are like kids around here. Kenra was the original inspiration for my store. I started off selling dog clothing/jewelry. And as the business grew I added people clothing and Corral boots. Kenra went to work with me every single day and was a huge part of the success and growth of Jen & Kenra's. It has been a roller coaster ride full of ups and downs, tears and laughter. The Lord above has always provided me with the a great team of people to help me get the job done, the faith to go on and you my customers aspire me to continue to never give up on my dream no matter what. 
I wanted to share with you some of my very favorite photos of Kenra. She is pictured above in the pink dress and with myself  in our trailer at one of our shows. When Kenra passed away of course my world forever changed. I swore I would never get another. My heart said something different. The Lord brought Miss Kali Jean into our lives when we needed her most. (pictured above in the rust sweater) Kenra is getting the last laugh on this because Kali Jean is a daddy's girl & hates clothes and loves to get dirty. LOL
Thanks so much for shopping with me. I truly appreciate your business. Remember to follow us on social media to keep up with all our latest arrivals.
          GOD BLESS